Sarap Pinoy’s Ready Mixes – Bibingka Love

What would your kids say if they came home from school and you have hot, freshly baked bibingka for their merienda? They will probably think you bought it right? Well, now you can honestly say that you made it yourself. Yesterday I received two big boxes of goodies from my friend who makes all theseContinue reading “Sarap Pinoy’s Ready Mixes – Bibingka Love”

Rosemary Roasted Cashews

Last August I hosted a simple dinner for a few friends. I don’t even remember why I did it. I didn’t cook anything except for these rosemary roasted cashews. I’m lucky I have a good cook who did all the cooking for dinner. I got this recipe from Ina Garten aka The Barefoot Contessa. TheContinue reading “Rosemary Roasted Cashews”

Mr. Moo’s Fresh Milk & Kesong Puti

After lunch in Tagaytay Highlands’ Golfer’s Lounge we headed back to Manila. We stopped by Mr. Moo’s to buy some milk, cheese and pastillas. Mr. Moo’s is on the right side of the road on the way to the Sta. Rosa exit. You have to keep an eye for it. Mr. Moo’s basically sold milkContinue reading “Mr. Moo’s Fresh Milk & Kesong Puti”

Chicharron ni Mang Juan

Two years after Oishi came out with the popular vegetarian chicharon, Marty’s Cracklin’, Jack n’ Jill finally came out with their own version which I got to try while we were in Tagaytay last March. There were two variants, espesyal suka’t sili (special vinegar with chili) and sukang paombong (palm vinegar).espesyal suka’t sili This variantContinue reading “Chicharron ni Mang Juan”

Oishi Wafu & Strip Fries

I love Oishi’s products. I’ve featured their gourmet picks potato chips and Sponge, Plunge and Pillows. I’m not connected in anyway to Oishi except that my cousin Kevin works there. He always gives me the heads up on their new products so I can order and sell it in my store, Small Office Solutions. LastContinue reading “Oishi Wafu & Strip Fries”

What I ate and bought at Mercato Centrale

Yesterday I finally went to Mercato Centrale at The Fort. It was my first time to go to an outdoor market. Can you believe I haven’t been to Salcedo, Legaspi or Greenhills markets yet? Mercato is just behind Serendra condominiums. We got there around 9:30 and there were lots of people already.There was sufficient paidContinue reading “What I ate and bought at Mercato Centrale”

Good Shepherd and Everything Nice

Anyone who goes to Baguio has to go to Good Shepherd convent to buy all sorts of yummy goodies created by the nuns. It was Jennie’s driver’s first time to go to Baguio so she brought her Garmin gps which she uses in Canada and the USA. I was surprised that it worked perfectly inContinue reading “Good Shepherd and Everything Nice”