The Noodle Bakes – Garth Vader

Peanut butter lovers in Manila rejoice! There’s a new cake in town that’s calling out to you, “eat me, eat me!” It’s quite difficult to find good peanut butter desserts in Manila. The only one I’ve enjoyed before this cake is Wildflour’s peanut butter banana cream pie. It’s much easier to find matcha flavored desserts. I’veContinue reading “The Noodle Bakes – Garth Vader”

Yamato Bakery Cafe

Right next to Mitsuyado Sei-Men is a bread lovers haven called Yamato Bakery Cafe owned by the same group. I noticed diners waiting for a table at Mitsuyado were there shopping for bread. That’s a great way to pass time. This bakery has it’s roots from Japan unlike Bread Talk which came from Singapore. BothContinue reading “Yamato Bakery Cafe”

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie

When I received an invitation to partake of a dessert buffet it didn’t take me 5 seconds to reply a big YES!I must confess I wasn’t aware that Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie had a store in the Fort. I only knew the brand from the days I was in the bazaar scene and would oftenContinue reading “Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie”

Spanish Themed Birthday Dinner

I cook only once or twice a year. This year the first time was last month when I treated my friends for my birthday celebration. For dinner I decided on a Spanish theme to reminisce on all the wonderful tapas and Spanish food I ate on my recent trip to Spain. One of our favoriteContinue reading “Spanish Themed Birthday Dinner”

Florence: Robiglio

I wish we had more days to try out all the coffee and sweets shops in Florence. After Caffé Gilli we tried Robiglio next. We didn’t stand at the bar this time because we were hot and tired and wanted to sit and rest for a bit. Those marzipan looked like real miniature fruit wereContinue reading “Florence: Robiglio”

Florence: Caffè Gilli

Florence had a lot of museums and cultural attractions but they also had several pasticceria and  confetteria which drew me like a moth to a flame. One of the oldest sweet shops in Florence is Gilli located right across the Savoy hotel. So many types of candies! Ok… not tempted. OMG!! These cookies were just whatContinue reading “Florence: Caffè Gilli”

Jamba Juice & Slice at Bonifacio High Street

We didn’t have dessert at ‘Cue Modern Barbecue anymore because I wanted to try the much raved about choco yema cupcakes at Slice so that’s where we went to for dessert.While my friends went straight to Slice I made a quick detour to Jamba Juice next door to use a coupon that was given toContinue reading “Jamba Juice & Slice at Bonifacio High Street”

Nic’s Gourmet Desserts

I’ve passed by Nic’s Gourmet Desserts on A. Mabini several times but I never went in for fear of discovering some delicious creations that I don’t really need to be eating. But when I saw Lori’s feature on her blog I couldn’t resist checking it out myself. They also served breakfast, sandwiches and pasta asContinue reading “Nic’s Gourmet Desserts”

New Cakes from UCC Vienna Cafe

My friend and co-blogger Jin invited to try out her new cake creations at UCC Vienna Cafe. She promised to feed me first so after a long perusal of the menu I finally found something healthy and almost “Cohen” approved. The yakiniku beef was so tender and flavorful with all the sauce that I didn’tContinue reading “New Cakes from UCC Vienna Cafe”