Philippine Airlines Meal Mnl-Hkg-Mnl, April 2012

Our family spent Holy Week in Hong Kong last April as is our annual tradition. As usual we took our favorite airline, Philippine Airlines. Isn’t the line-up of Filipino chefs cooking for PAL really impressive? No wonder the food is almost always good. menu I’ve always had luck with their beef entrees so I orderedContinue reading “Philippine Airlines Meal Mnl-Hkg-Mnl, April 2012”

China Airlines Lounge at Taipei Taoyuan Airport

I flew economy to Taipei but because of the Mabuhay Miles Prestige Card that Allied Band Mastercard gave me I was able to access the China Airlines lounge in Taipei’s Taoyuan airport. When I first landed in Taipei at the old, unrenovated airport terminal it reminded me of our old and dated NAIA 1 terminal.Continue reading “China Airlines Lounge at Taipei Taoyuan Airport”

Philippine Airlines Meals Mnl-Tpe-Mnl

Last March I went to Taipei to attend a business convention. I took Philippine Airlines economy class and these were the meals on my flight. Can you believe this was for breakfast? Since there was no menu I don’t know what the meal was called. The chicken breast (yehey) was cooked in a mild curry,Continue reading “Philippine Airlines Meals Mnl-Tpe-Mnl”

Philippine Airlines Domestic Lounge at Naia Terminal 2

A few months ago I went to Cebu with three of my college friends. Only one of us didn’t have a Mabuhay Elite card given by Allied Bank/PNB Mabuhay Miles credit card. That’s why even though we had economy class tickets we were able to go in the PAL’s lounge at the airport. It wasContinue reading “Philippine Airlines Domestic Lounge at Naia Terminal 2”

Philippine Airlines Food Mnl-Hkg-Mnl December 2011

I have a long backlog of posts with trips to Tagaytay, Cebu, Taipei, Hong Kong and Boracay. I decided to tackle them in order even though it’s delayed.  This starts a series on my trip to Hong Kong last December 2011. breakfast menu I like that PAL offers local breads during their flights. It’s aContinue reading “Philippine Airlines Food Mnl-Hkg-Mnl December 2011”

Cathay Pacific Economy Meal – LAX to MNL

The food on the flight back to Manila brought back me back to reality and portion control.lunch menu After the disastrous and depressing Low Fat/Low Cholesterol Meal (LFML) I ordered on my flight from Manila to San Francisco I stuck with the regular meal option on the return flight. The food wasn’t bad at all. IContinue reading “Cathay Pacific Economy Meal – LAX to MNL”

My Hong Kong Disneyland Experience Day 2

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the best place to have it is at Enchanted Garden in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. When you dine here you get to meet the Disney characters as they go around the dining area and you can have your picture taken with them. Enchanted Garden TheContinue reading “My Hong Kong Disneyland Experience Day 2”

My Hong Kong Disneyland Experience Day 1

Woohoo!! I went to Hong Kong Disneyland for the first time last weekend. It was a whirlwind 2 day stay but we managed to ride and see almost all the attractions. My day started really early with a flight on Cebu Pacific that was really pleasant and on schedule. From the airport we went straightContinue reading “My Hong Kong Disneyland Experience Day 1”

Marriott Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco

After my quick overnight trip to Napa Valley, we returned to San Francisco and I checked in to another hotel. This time I stayed in the newly renovated Marriott Hotel in Union Square. I love staying in hotels so I don’t really mind all the packing and unpacking. And since my friend Ariel works inContinue reading “Marriott Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco”