A Week in Instagram

With so many forms of social media around it’s confusing for someone in my generation. I recently got more proficient with Instagram which I found interesting and entertaining. With one post on Instagram I can also share my pictures on Twitter and Facebook. I also discovered several fascinating people sharing their talents and artistry.  HereContinue reading “A Week in Instagram”

Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly at Mall of Asia

Lechon or even Cebu’s famous lechon doesn’t really excite me. At parties I would just eat a little skin if it was crunchy and would skip the meat altogether. Cebu’s lechon tastes a little better but still I don’t find myself wanting to eat it.

Fiesta Cheesecakes from Cheesecakes by Guy

Remember the green tea cheesecake I featured a few months ago? The GUY behind that is on a roll and he created 5 new fiesta flavors. Guy sent me a slice each to try. The first one I tried was the queso de bola (Edam cheese) cheesecake and it’s my favorite among the five variants.Continue reading “Fiesta Cheesecakes from Cheesecakes by Guy”

Famous Belgian Waffles

I haven’t been to SM Megamall Building A in quite a while. I went there to buy a gift in Toy Kingdom. Imagine my surprise when Toy Kingdom disappeared from the ground floor. I was told they moved to the basement where the bowling lanes used to be. Whew! After accomplishing my shopping in aContinue reading “Famous Belgian Waffles”

The Most Awesome Cookies EVER!!!

Cookies are my crack. I can give up cake, cupcake, donuts, muffins, ice cream for cookies. These cookies. I have to be honest. One of the reasons I go to New York is just to go to Levain to buy my favorite dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. So far those are my holy grail ofContinue reading “The Most Awesome Cookies EVER!!!”

Food Products From Taiwan

As you’ve seen from my previous posts Taiwan is such a foodie country. From the night markets to the supermarkets the types of foodstuff to buy are mind boggling. Imagine if the labels were in English I would have been tempted to buy stuff. Here are some of the stuff I bought that I highly recommendContinue reading “Food Products From Taiwan”

Tamsui Old Street Night Market

This was the view that met us when we walked to Tamsui Old Street Night Market. There were more locals than tourists from what I saw. There were also lots of dogs with clothes being walked by their owners. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by so much snack stands. The whole placeContinue reading “Tamsui Old Street Night Market”