An afternoon with my cousin Jim in Singapore

 I went to Singapore last June to attend the World Street Food Congress 2013. I arrived early Sunday morning and I had a few hours free time in the afternoon. Those precious few hours were supposed to be ‘rest time’ but for me it meant speed shopping since that was the only free time I hadContinue reading “An afternoon with my cousin Jim in Singapore”

Choi Heong Yuen & Koi Kei Bakeries Macau

What do you when you stay at The Venetian Macao? You shop!!! With over 600 shops inside the hotel it’s a shopper’s dream. I hit two popular Portugese style bakeries in the Shoppes Grand Canal. Both stores are very popular with tourists who buy bags and bags of goodies. Almost everything in the store can beContinue reading “Choi Heong Yuen & Koi Kei Bakeries Macau”

Brownies – Ms. Polly’s & Xocolat

I knew Ms. Polly’s was famous for their chocolate cake but I didn’t know they had equally good brownies until my friend Mila sent me a box for Christmas. Thanks again for the yummy gift Mila!!! I ate a couple of brownies and kept the rest in a zip top bag in the freezer orContinue reading “Brownies – Ms. Polly’s & Xocolat”

The Most Awesome Cookies EVER!!!

Cookies are my crack. I can give up cake, cupcake, donuts, muffins, ice cream for cookies. These cookies. I have to be honest. One of the reasons I go to New York is just to go to Levain to buy my favorite dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. So far those are my holy grail ofContinue reading “The Most Awesome Cookies EVER!!!”

Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies

You know how much I love cookies and how happy I am to receive any kind of cookies. My friend sent me their newest variety from their Chips Delight line of cookies. She must have read my inner most thoughts when they made this triple chocolate overload cookies! I’ve always been a fan of ChipsContinue reading “Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies”

Florence: Robiglio

I wish we had more days to try out all the coffee and sweets shops in Florence. After Caffé Gilli we tried Robiglio next. We didn’t stand at the bar this time because we were hot and tired and wanted to sit and rest for a bit. Those marzipan looked like real miniature fruit wereContinue reading “Florence: Robiglio”

Florence: Caffè Gilli

Florence had a lot of museums and cultural attractions but they also had several pasticceria and  confetteria which drew me like a moth to a flame. One of the oldest sweet shops in Florence is Gilli located right across the Savoy hotel. So many types of candies! Ok… not tempted. OMG!! These cookies were just whatContinue reading “Florence: Caffè Gilli”