New Cakes from UCC Vienna Cafe

My friend and co-blogger Jin invited to try out her new cake creations at UCC Vienna Cafe. She promised to feed me first so after a long perusal of the menu I finally found something healthy and almost “Cohen” approved. The yakiniku beef was so tender and flavorful with all the sauce that I didn’tContinue reading “New Cakes from UCC Vienna Cafe”

More Whole Foods Market Love

This post is another reason why I love Whole Foods Market. Bear with me as I show you pictures that will most likely make you drool. After our first seafood meal at Whole Foods my cousin La who’s an oenophile (I had to look that up – a person who loves wine. In my mind IContinue reading “More Whole Foods Market Love”

Chinatown Coffee

When I was in San Francisco there were specialty coffee shops and roasters everywhere. I didn’t even have time to try more than 4 shops. I didn’t think I’d find any independent coffee shop in DC but thanks to Yelp I found Chinatown Coffee.Look who I found? My silly cousin Sharon works around the cornerContinue reading “Chinatown Coffee”

Napa Farms Market @ SFO’s Terminal 2

I wanted to be at the San Francisco Airport’s Terminal 2 early for my flight to Washington DC on Virgin America so I could leisurely walk around and look for something to eat. Unfortunately the line was long and I had to drop off my luggage. It was a good thing I saw Napa FarmsContinue reading “Napa Farms Market @ SFO’s Terminal 2”

Ritual Coffee Roasters at Oxbow Public Market

One of San Francisco’s most popular coffee roasters, Ritual Coffee Roasters, had a branch in Oxbow Public Market in Napa Valley and I insisted that we go try it. They sold a lot of merchandise for coffee making. I saw an Aeropress, several Hario equipment (including the Buono kettle which I’ve been eyeing), Technivorm MoccamasterContinue reading “Ritual Coffee Roasters at Oxbow Public Market”

Clover Brewing System at Starbucks SF

I can’t remember how I first learned about the Clover Brewing System but I was really curious to see in action. This machine was developed by some Stanford students in 2006 and Starbucks bought them out in 2008. Not all Starbucks stores have the Clover machine but lucky for me the branch at Hotel NikkoContinue reading “Clover Brewing System at Starbucks SF”