What I ate and bought at Mercato Centrale

Yesterday I finally went to Mercato Centrale at The Fort. It was my first time to go to an outdoor market. Can you believe I haven’t been to Salcedo, Legaspi or Greenhills markets yet? Mercato is just behind Serendra condominiums. We got there around 9:30 and there were lots of people already.There was sufficient paidContinue reading “What I ate and bought at Mercato Centrale”

The One, Hong Kong

Last October I discovered a new mall in Tsim Sha Tsui by accident. I was amazed that there was another tall retail building just a couple of blocks away from the relatively new iSquare and K11. From to their website: The ONE, the latest all-in-one retail complex developed by Chinese Estates Holdings, is one ofContinue reading “The One, Hong Kong”

Stores at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

After lunch at Gott’s Roadside, my high school friends and I took a walk inside the Ferry Building. There were lots of stores and restaurants in the marketplace. All the stores were unique and interesting but a couple of them caught my eye. I wanted to buy some cheese at the famous Cowgirl Creamery butContinue reading “Stores at the Ferry Building in San Francisco”

Taipei Underground Market

My cousin Angie took us to an interesting underground shopping mall in Taipei. We accessed the through the Taipei Railway Station. There were lots and lots of eateries, clothing and electronics stores. Most of the stores catered to the young to teen crowd. Angie’s cute son Daniel with his new toy cars. We didn’t understandContinue reading “Taipei Underground Market”

Taipei Day 1 – Shilin Night Market

After dropping our luggage at Hsuan Mei Hotel we headed to Shilin Night Market. my cousin Benjie was kind enough to drive us there even though he wasn’t very familiar with the place. Benjie stayed in the car with his daughter who was sleeping so he just told us where to go. We were quiteContinue reading “Taipei Day 1 – Shilin Night Market”

Taipei Day 1 – Shopping at Carrefour

After lunch at Taimall Benjie brought us to Carrefour for more shopping.  Carrefour is a French based hypermarket chain. Think Walmart, Shopwise and Sm Hypermart. The first thing that caught my eyes were these candied sweet potatoes. They looked incredibly sweet but when I tried it I loved it. It was naturally sweet and theContinue reading “Taipei Day 1 – Shopping at Carrefour”

Where to shop for bargains in Hong Kong?

It’s sale season in Hong Kong now. For those going there to shop this video will help you stretch your dollars. I made this video last year to show some friends how to get to my favorite shopping streets in Hong Kong. Fa Yuen St. in Prince Edward is a mecca for overrun clothes, toys,Continue reading “Where to shop for bargains in Hong Kong?”